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    Blue Light Scanning

    Blue Light Scanning

    • High Precision Non-Contact Laser Scanning by Zeiss Comet L3D 8M Blue Light Scanning Inspection. Accuracy 10 to 20 Micron.
    • ZEISS colin3D contains a simple false color display with a color gradient and fixed values. To more precisely analyze deviations, users can place the flyers on the surface individually as required.
    • We do 3D Comparison Reports, Reverse Engineering
    • We do 2D & 3D Analysing of the Scan Cloud data (STL file) with and without 3D data.
    • We do interchangeable lenses that provide small to large fields of view with high data accuracy.
      • 8 million points per scan
      • 4 Interchangeable lenses - 75, 150, 300, 600 mm FOV
      • Very Portable
      • Very high accuracy
      • Rotary table available for automatic scanning
      • Fast scanning
      • Very high resolution & accuracy
      • Blue LED technology scans many surface types
      • Small size for easy travel and setup


    • Injection moulded parts Inspection
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Medical Parts Developments
    • Research and Developments
    • Automobile & Commercial Vehicles
    • All Industrial Parts and Commercial Products Developments

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