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  • ZEISS 3D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine. X=1000mm, Y=1600mm, Z=600mm
  • Brown & Sharpe 3D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine.
  • Model Contura G2, Spectrum II, Inspector & Croma
  • We are specialist in component “Layout Inspection”, Industrial Gauges, Jig&Fixtures, Molded components, Turning Components, Sheet Metal components.
  • Accuracy of Machine is 1.8μm & 2.1μm
  • Continuous Scanning Probe Head option.
  • For ‘N’ number of same jobs running by ‘CNC MODE’ for reduce measurement time and avoid manual Errors.
  • Auto Indexing probe head and fixed probe head for High accuracy and Repeatability
  • We fulfil all metrological types of needs for Industrial & Commercial components GD&T, Co-ordinate, Angles, Distance, Profiles, CAD Comparison, Surface, Trim measurement and Special Dimension. We will provide accurate results.
  • Our Calypso/PC-DMIS software CAD model comparison views and reports are Easily understandable.
  • Gear Measurement, Types - Spur, Helical & Bevel
  • Most powerful tool for Reverse Engineering


  • Dimensional Calibration
  • Pressure Calibration
  • Acoustic (Sound)
  • Accelerations (Speed)
  • CNC Machines Tools
  • Thermal Calibration
  • Mass & Volume Calibration
  • Hospital Equipment Calibration
  • Civil & Construction Related Calibration
  • Torque
  • Density & Viscosity
  • Electro-technical Calibration
  • Special Equipments Calibration

Calibration Methods

Our laboratory follows the methods given in the National / International standards or guidelines. Incase no standard, methods are available in the lab may follow in-house developed methods duly validated as per the requirements of ISO/IEC-17025:2017


  • We do Portable CMM Inspection Service with High Accuracy From Romer Arm, Faro, Machines
  • We have the sizes of 2500mm, 2700mm, 3500mm in a single setting measurement.
  • We can inspect any size of components. So Size Does Not Matter
  • We can measure with 3D CAD Model Comparison and 2D Comparison
  • We do Inspections at your site (Shop floor)
  • Welding fixtures, Profile fixtures Inspection
  • Position, Receiver, Profile & Spl. gauges Inspection
  • Development Parts, Mass Production Parts Inspection
  • Dies & Molds and Tube Fixtures inspection
  • Surface inspection
  • Metals, Sheet metals, Aluminum, MS Casting, Plastic inspection
  • Inspecting Fiber, Fiberglass, Nylon, Wood and other types of components.
  • BIW, CIW Fixtures & BIW body Inspection Experts in On-Site Inspection
  • Accuracy 0.024mm to 0.038mm

Laser Tracker Inspection

  • We provide Laser Tracker Inspection service all over India by using the Advanced Faro Vantage with the best accuracy of Measurement.
  • We can do Inspections at your site (Shop floor)
  • We can measure from 100mm to 160meters in single setting
  • We can do measurement No size limit by using Leaf Tracking system.
  • Size does not matter.
  • 3D CAD Model Comparison and 2D Comparison
  • We can take 3D measurement or Very large components .
  • We can Use ''TRACK ARM '' (We can connect Laser Tracker and Portable CMM) Concept for Large size part to maintain good accuracy and hidden points measurements.

Ballbar Calibration Service (CNC Machines)

    Why Calibrate Your Machines?:

  • Increase machine uptime
  • CNC machine Error compensation
  • Improve machine performance
  • Reduce component rejections
  • Supply with good quality products with close tolerance
  • Enable targeted maintenance
  • Increase knowledge of your machine/manufacturing capabilities
  • Comply with quality assurance procedures and standards
  • Provide a professional maintenance service
  • Improve your business performance with calibration
  • Comply with the ISO 9000 series of standards
  • Extend the life of your machine by identifying its sources of errors
  • Plan and minimize machine downtime by monitoring wear

Laser Calibration Service (CNC Machines)

  • We process all types of CNC Machines Linear Axis Calibration by using Renishaw XL-80 Laser Interferometer and Ballbar.
  • Very high precision Laser source accuracy 0.05ppm
  • We use Laser system to identify the linear & backlash errors in CNC Machines.
  • Identified errors are compensated in CNC controller
  • By using ballbar test in CNC machines we can find the following errors:
  • Backlash
  • Reversal spikes
  • Lateral play
  • Circularity
  • Cyclic error
  • Servo mismatch
  • Squareness
  • Positional tolerance
  • Straightness
  • Scaling mismatch
  • Scaling error
  • Best fit radius
  • Cyclic pitch
  • Calculated feedrate
  • Centre offset

3D Scanning Service (Blue Light)

  • High Precision Non-Contact Laser Scanning by Zeiss Comet L3D 8M Blue Light Scanning Inspection. Accuracy 10 to 20 Micron.
  • ZEISS colin3D contains a simple false color display with a color gradient and fixed values. To more precisely analyze deviations, users can place the flyers on the surface individually as required.
  • We do 3D Comparison Reports, Reverse Engineering,
  • We do 2D & 3D Analysing of the Scan Cloud data (STL file) with and without 3D data.
  • 8 million points per scan
  • Very Portable
  • Very high accuracy
  • Rotary table available for automatic scanning
  • 4 Interchangeable lenses - 75, 150, 300, 600 mm FOV
  • Fast scanning
  • Very high resolution & accuracy
  • Blue LED technology scans many surface types
  • Small size for easy travel and setup


  • Injection moulded parts Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Medical Parts Developments
  • Research and Developments
  • Aero Space Components
  • Automobile & Commercial Vehicles
  • All Industrial Parts and Commercial Products Developments

3D Scanning Service (Red Laser)

  • A high-precision, non-contact laser scanner with the capability to distinguish between a variety of colors and surface finish.
  • High resolution, high speed laser measurement performance for measuring tasks that traditional tactile probes can’t touch.
  • The laser scanner is designed to capture data from almost any object surface. It does not need warm-up time or additional cables and controllers. Scanner and probe measurements are combined in the same software session.
  • 3D digitizing, 3D modeling, Point cloud inspection, Reverse Engineering - this is an all-purpose system.
  • Metrology tool for a multitude of applications.
  • We do 3D Comparison Reports, Point Cloud Inspection, Reverse Engineering,
  • We do 2D & 3D Analysing of the Scan Cloud data (STL file) with and without 3D data.


  • Patterns & Castings parts profile Inspection
  • Tool ,Dies and Mould Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Railway Parts
  • Automobile & Commercial Vehicles
  • All Industrial Parts and Commercial Products Developments

Reverse Engineering Service

  • We have successfully completed 1000+ projects.
  • All types of part drawings are performed by using 3D laser scanning , CMM, VMS, and Contour.
  • We do 2D and 3D designing and on site measurement & design support for reverse engineering.
  • We do 2D to 3D Conversion, 3D to 2D Conversion
  • We do Commercial, Medical, Windmill, Automobile, Earth Movers, Pump and Valves, Oil Industry, Defense, Railways, Power Generations, Foundry, Mining, Agriculture industry etc.

Contour Inspection

  • We do Contour Measurement by using Zeiss and Mitutoyo Machines
  • The Continuous Tracing Measurement can take exact Profiles, radius, curves, angles linear dimensions of Inner and outer profile of Components
  • We can take the measurement with different type of probe
  • Without Cutting the Part we can measure the internal groove radius and all complicated features and can take dimensions in a single trace of components profile
  • This provides an exceptional advantage for layout Inspection and Prototyping parts
  • Accuracy: ±(2.5+|0.1H|) μm

Video Measurement System

  • Flat parts : Stampings, gaskets, circuit boards, patterns, films, foils, gauges and glass masks. These parts are made typically from thin materials. They deform easily, have delicate surfaces and the smallest features or finest surface structures. The optimum measurement strategy: quick, non-contact measurement using very high precision.
  • 2D and 3D precision parts : Precision components, Precision nozzles, watch and clock components, gears, keys, tools, dies, pistons, valves and implants. These parts are normally very small and call for very tight tolerances.
  • Rotationally symmetrical parts : Drilling tools, injection nozzles, bushes, gears and other parts with features distributed around the workpiece.
  • We do Video Measurement / Profile Projector Inspections of all type of components
  • We can measure 300mm x 200mm with Z axis
  • Accuracy of the machine Exy=3.0 + L/150μm, Ez=4.5 + L/150μm

Surface Finish Measurement

  • Portable for easy measurement anywhere necessary.
  • The detector/drive unit can be detached from the display unit for effortless measurement of irregular oriented work pieces.
  • Wide 350μm (-200μm to +150μm) measurement range.
  • Roughness parameters compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI, and JIS.
  • 42 analysis parameters are provided, including the basic Ra, Rq, Rz, and Ry parameters.

Industrial CT Scanning

Industrial CT Scanning involves an X-Ray inspection machine capable of 3D scanning completely through a part or an assembly of parts. Materials including plastics, ceramics and composite materials, as well alloys such as aluminum and steel and other metals can also be CT scanned. This technology allows you to view imperfections inside a part such as cracks, voids, interferences and more.

Benefits of Industrial CT Scanning

  • 3D scan completely through a part or an assembly of parts
  • Find cracks, voids, interferences and improper mating conditions
  • 3D scan 100% of a part including small holes, and details
  • Very high accuracy up to 8 microns (.08mm / .0003”)
  • Can be used for reverse engineering or inspection

Third Party Inspection

  • We do Third party Inspection service for Components and Product evaluation
  • We take the project and go to the Supplier end
  • Validating all the measuring Equipments to make sure they are calibrated
  • Then we are starting measurement as per the Engineering Drawing and Visual Inspection by Lot or Sampling method.
  • We will go in to the Production line and control the Quality in line itself
  • Ensuring the Final dispatch part by final Inspection by sampling or lot as per customer request.
  • We will eliminate the rejected parts in the dispatch items
  • We are supporting customer and Supplier for getting Good Quality of parts
  • We are doing Inspection in Customer Place as Incoming Inspection and Supplier End as Final Inspection.

3D Printing

  • We have a complete package of 3D solutions with 3D Printer/Proto Machine to fulfil customer needs.
  • Within a few hours we can visualize the Product and we can also check function of the product.
  • We design & Develop the Parts/Products then we made a prototype.
  • We support production more sufficiently. Architect, Dental, Electrical, Medical, Pattern & CoreBox, Tool & Die, Aerospace, Automotive