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    GOM Scanning (Structural Scanning - Blue Light)

    GOM Scanning (Structural Scanning - Blue Light)

    • We provide GOM Scanning Inspection Services all over india by using Atos Compact Scan.
    • It provides benchmark level quality in terms of accuracy, sharpness and completeness.
    • We can do work with sharp and precise scan results. the perfect start for Reverse engineering and inspection.
    • 3D digitizing, 3D modeling, Point cloud inspection, Reverse Engineering - this is an all-purpose system.
    • Position your parts during assembly or for alignment before milling. A useful add on in the production process.
    • We do 3D Comparison Reports, Point Cloud Inspection, Reverse Engineering
    • We do 2D & 3D Analyzing of the Scan Cloud data (STL file) with and without 3D data.


    • Injection moulded parts Inspection
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Medical Parts Developments
    • Research and Developments
    • Aero Space Components
    • Automobile & Commercial Vehicles
    • All Industrial Parts and Commercial Products Developments

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