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    Laser Calibration for Linear error

    Laser Calibration for Linear error (XL-80, XR-20)

    • We process all types of CNC Machines Linear Axis Calibration by using Renishaw XL-80 Laser Interferometer and Ballbar.
    • Very high precision Laser source accuracy 0.05ppm
    • We use Laser system to identify the linear & backlash errors in CNC Machines.
    • Identified errors are compensated in CNC controller
    • By using ballbar test in CNC machines we can find the following errors:
      • Servo mismatch
      • Squareness
      • Freeform
      • Straightness
      • Scaling mismatch
      • Backlash
      • Reversal spikes
      • Lateral play
    • Cyclic error
    • Scaling error
    • Cyclic pitch
    • Calculated feed rate
    • Centre offset
    • Positional tolerance
    • Best fit radius
    • Circularity

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