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    Long Range Scanning (Focus 3D)

    Long Range Scanning (Focus 3D)

    • We provide Focus 3D (Long Range) scanning services all over India by using Faro Focus 3D scanner. Our Focus 3D Long Range Scanning Service offers
    • A comprehensive and efficient solution for capturing and analyzing spatial data in three dimensions. With our state-of-the-art Focus 3D laser scanner.

    Benefits of our Long-Range Scanning Service

    • High accuracy: Our Focus 3D scanner captures data with millimeter precision, ensuring highly accurate and reliable results.
    • Time-saving : Compared to traditional surveying methods, our long-range scanning service significantly reduces the time required for data collection.
    • Cost-effective : By eliminating the need for manual measurements and reducing fieldwork time, our service can help you save on project costs.
    • Non-invasive : Our scanner collects data remotely, reducing the need for physical contact with objects or structures.
    • Versatile applications : Our long-range scanning service can be applied in various industries, including architecture, engineering, construction

    Applications of our Long-Range Scanning Service

    • Building/BIM documentation
    • Industrial plant and facility management
    • Surveying and topography
    • Cultural heritage preservation

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