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    3D-CMM Inspection

    3D-CMM Inspection (ZEISS)(1000x1600x600)

    • ZEISS 3D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine. X=1000mm, Y=1600mm, Z=600mm
    • Brown & Sharpe 3D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Model Contura G2, Spectrum II, Inspector & Croma
    • We are specialist in component “Layout Inspection”, Industrial Gauges, Jig & Fixtures, Molded components, Turning Components, Sheet Metal components.
    • Accuracy of Machine is 1.8μm & 2.1μm
    • Continuous Scanning Probe Head option.
    • For ‘N’ number of same jobs running by ‘CNC MODE’ for reduce measurement time and avoid manual Error.
    • Auto Indexing probe head and fixed probe head for High accuracy and Repeatability
    • We fulfill all metrological types of needs for Industrial & Commercial components GD&T, Co-ordinate, Angles, Distance, Profiles, CAD Comparison, Surface, Trim measurement and Special Dimension. We will provide accurate results.
    • Our Calypso/PC-DMIS software CAD model comparison views and reports are Easily understandable.
    • Gear Measurement, Types - Spur, Helical & Bevel
    • Most powerful tool for Reverse Engineering

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