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    Portable-CMM Inspection

    Portable-CMM Inspection (Arm Type)(On-site)

    • We do Portable CMM Inspection Service with High Accuracy From Romer Arm, Faro, Machines
    • We have the sizes of 2500mm, 2700mm, 3500mm and 4000mm in a single setting measurement.
    • We can inspect any size of components. So Size Does Not Matter
    • We can measure with 3D CAD Model Comparison and 2D Comparison
    • We do Inspections at your site (Shop floor)
    • Welding fixtures, Profile fixtures Inspection.
    • Position, Receiver, Profile & Spl. gauges Inspection
    • Development Parts, Mass Production Parts Inspection
    • Dies & Molds and Tube Fixtures inspection
    • Surface inspection
    • Metals, Sheet metals, Aluminum, MS Casting, Plastic inspection
    • Inspecting Fiber, Fiberglass, Nylon, Wood and other types of components.
    • BIW, CIW Fixtures & BIW body Inspection Experts in On-Site Inspection
    • Accuracy 0.024mm to 0.038mm

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